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Now included: free dotEarth advanced web/email forwarding and  DNS service with any .INFO domain


Domain Name Syntax Rules:

  • Use only letters (A-Z), numbers (0-9), or dashes ("-").
  • Name cannot begin or end with a dash.
  • Underline character not allowed in name.
  • Blank spaces not allowed in name.
  • Name is NOT case sensitive - you can mix upper and lower case.
  • Name + dot + extension cannot have more than 67 characters total (new expanded length!).
  • Multilingual domains are NOT YET supported by this page.

Data Entry Rules:

  • maximum list of 200 domain names processed per batch
  • separate each domain name with new line, or comma, or blank space
  • you may cut-and-paste from any ascii-text editor to bulk search box
  • domain name entries are not case sensitive
  • Do not enter "www." at beginning of domain name
  • Domain names for this page must end in .INFO (not case sensitive)

Search Notes:

  • domain names are searched for availability against the current WHOIS database, our pool of active domain applications, and Afilias' list of restricted domain names.

After your domain name is registered, it can be accessed from anywhere on the Internet, from anywhere in the world!

Reserve your domain name now for   current or future use. We will park      your domain name for free on our DNS servers. Or connect different domains to the same web site at no additional cost using our free web forwarding.

Application fee applicable for .INFO and .BIZ domain applications.  Separate Registration Fee in addition to application fee for each successfully awarded (registered) domain.



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Enter your domain application in Real Time Live processing
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Domains enterd in this page must end in the following extension:

      • Enter domains in list format, or separated by blank space or comma.
      • Do NOT include "www." in front of domain name.
      • DO include ".info" and end of each domain name.

Example of correct entries:


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Welcome Page if you register now.

If your home page is not yet ready, use our Free Welcome Page. When someone visits your new domain address, they are greeted with a professionally prepared screen displaying your new domain name. Optionally earn money with clicks to your parking page.

Included with new or renewed domains.

Connect an unlimited number of new domains to an existing web site with no additional monthly fees. Unlike other URL forwarding services, our advanced web forwarding system supports masked and visible URL forwarding, allows users to directly access and bookmark individual pages and subdirectories using your domain, and enhances search engine results by providing keyword and description meta tags with your masked web fowarding. Administer forwarding or meta tag settings using our web-based administration screens. Additional features include: support for URL subdirectory forwarding (for example, if the user type into their browser "", it  can connect to the remote URL "http://targetURL/something/mypage.html" ) and real-time update to target URL changes in our easy-to-use online web forwarding administration screen.
Possible uses/benefits:  host several independent domains using a single hosting site or IP address; connect a different descriptive domain name to different sections of your web site for increased advertising or enhancing search engine opportunities; connect domain to dynamic IP address.

Included with new or renewed domains.

Or use our DNS servers to connect your new domain to your own web or email server at no additional cost. Directly manage your domain's DNS record online using our web-based screens (A- record and MX-record).

Receive email sent to

Start using your new domain immediately as an email address with our catch-all email forwarding.  This free service connects your new domain name to any existing email address. All email sent to your domain (eg,  will be automatically redirected to the existing email box of your choice. Catch-all forwarding allows you to establish an unlimited number of email addresses, eg,,, etc.  All email will be directed to the central email account for retrieval.
Or use our free DNS service to connect your domain to your own mail exchanger (mail server).

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