Bulk Domain Modification Form
for .COM .NET .ORG .INFO .BIZ .TEL .MOBI .US .CN Domains
this page is for NEW TLD AND EPP DOMAINS only. For .com/.net/.cc modifications, click here


This form will allow you to easily modify a single domain or group of domains in a single submission.  Feature: Domains from multiple supported TLDs can be modified simultaneously in a single submission.
An overview of the modification process:

  • Step 1 - Specify domain(s) (this page) - Specify candidate domains for modification,
  • Step 2 - Checkbox page - displays the list of domains available for modification, 
  • Step 3 - Modification Page - Enter the desired modifications to domain contacts or DNS server delegations,
  • Step 4 - Final Review Page - Final review of the domain list and proposed modifications,
  • Step 5 - Success Page - Review the final result of your submitted modifications.

Restriction when modifying multiple domains: Domains in the batch must have the same current password/auth code (registry Auth Code). This page is only for  NEW TLD AND EPP DOMAINS (including .info/.biz/.us/.cn/etc). To modify com/net/cc domains, click here.
Domain Entry Options for Multiple Domains

Specify Domain Names by Entry List- One or more domain names may be typed or pasted into box b below.  All domains must have same current password/auth code .
-or- Specify Domains by using your dotEarth BatchID - an exclusive dotEarth feature- Domains may be automatically retrieved by entering the dotEarth creation BatchID into a3. The dotEarth BatchID was assigned at the time the domains were initially searched and registered registered through our system. All domains must have same password/auth code.
-or- Specify both BatchID and domain list- If you enter both BatchID and manually typed domain names, then both will be used to assemble candidate domains for modification. All domains must have same password/auth code.

 * indicates required field

 Allowable domain Extenstion (tld) for this page include:


a) Enter Domain(s) to modify (mixed TLD from list above are supported):
Enter the domains that you want to modify into the box below. Domains in the list must all have same current password/auth code. Else, modify each domain individually. Type each domain on a separate line, or separated by a comma or blank space. Domain names should include the extension. Do not put "www." in front of the domain name. 
Feature: Domains from different TLDs can be included simultaneously to the same list (passwords/auth code must be the same).   Examples: yourcompany.biz  web.info


b) *Enter current domain password/auth code :
Each domain in list must have this same matching password/auth code
Otherwise, each domain should be modified individually.


Domain Password/Registry Auth Code ( required):

password/auth code is case-sensitive

c) Finally, click the "Search" button to proceed


Note:  the Search can take up to several minutes for a long list of domains.
Please do not click search more than once until the result page is displayed.


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