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How VeriSign IDNs Work

Internationalized Domain Names (IDN) are domain names represented by local language characters. They function like other domain names.

Registrants register IDNs from IDN certified ICANN accredited registrars. The registration process involves placing a unique IDN in the VeriSign Global Registry Services (GRS) registry database. Because the Domain Name System (DNS) does not support non-ASCII characters, the names to be registered in the IDN testbed must first be converted into a sequence of supported characters using an ASCII compatible encoding (ACE). The Registrar performs this conversion of the IDN's local language characters into the appropriate ACE string.
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Resolution is the process by which an IDN is looked up (or requested) to locate information about it, such as an IP address that allows users to access the corresponding Web site through a browser. In order for resolution to occur, the IDN's local language characters must be transformed into an ACE string that the DNS understands. VeriSign has developed a hybrid solution that enables the resolution of IDNs through the i-Nav(tm) plug-in, augmented by a Web-based system.
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User Experience
End users can use IDNs to navigate to Web sites, plus in the future, to address e-mail. Users enter the IDN in local language characters.
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