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What is .US and who is it for?
is Americas Internet Address. It is the official country code top-level domain (ccTLD) for the United States, and is administered by NeuStar. NeuStars enhancements to .US will enable United States citizens and residentsas well as businesses, organizations and government entities to establish a unique, short and memorable American address on the Internet (e.g.,,,

Technical innovation, significant operational improvements and NeuStars aggressive promotion of .US will make possible consumer, e-Gov, business and public service applications that lead to widespread use and acceptance of the .US space.

How .US Can Benefit Businesses
enables domestic and international firms of every size and industry classification to protect their trademarks and corporate identities online, provided they meet the .US Nexus requirements. .US also can raise the profile of nonprofits, associations and charities online.

How .US Can Benefit Consumers
The .US space has been in existence since 1985, but until recently has been primarily used by government branches and related departments and agencies, as well as schools and libraries. Soon, the .US domain will be available to all United States citizens and residentsover 150 million of whom are online. All of these consumers now have an opportunity to establish a unique, customized and memorable American identity online, and to communicate with other citizens, businesses and government entities.

How .US Can Benefit Government Agencies
brings government to the people. Lauded by Congress, the Department of Commerce and other standards-making bodies, e-Gov initiatives can help federal, state and local agencies reduce costs, improve accessibility and productivity, and make the Web more citizen-centric. .US will empower federal, state and local government entities to improve public communications, increase utilization of e-Gov applications and ensure security polishing their brand identity at the same time.

Who is NeuStar?
NeuStar is the registry operator for the .US country-code Top Level Domain. Although you may not know NeuStar by name, its likely that you benefit from its services and technology every time you pick up the phone. Originally an independent business unit of Lockheed Martin, NeuStar operates the telephone numbering Registry and routing Registry for virtually all of North America. NeuStar has been selected time and time again by the industry in open competitive procurements to provide first-of-a-kind mission-critical services.

Some Background

On February 1, 2002, NeuStar Registry Services announced the launch of the dot-US (.US) expanded second-level domain. Now, Americans can get their first choice of domain name extensions on the Internet—in a space dedicated to United States businesses, consumers, nonprofit organizations and government!

The .US Launch Schedule (revised schedule)

Sunrise (March 4-April 16, 2002)
During this period, you can apply for .US domain names based on existing or pending trademarks your company has on file at the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Random Selection Process (April 17-23, 2002)
When the Sunrise application period ends, domain names will be selected at random and will be registered in NeuStar's .US Registry. These names "go live" when the "First Come, First Served" period begins.

"First Come, First Served" Domain Name Availability (begins April 24, 2002)
At this stage, all .US second-level domain names are available for "first-come, first-served" registration. If you missed out on registering your chosen name in the .biz, .com, .net or .org spaces—or if you just want to establish an American identity online—the .US domain is a golden opportunity!

All applicants in the .US expanded namespace are expected to meet both the Sunrise Requirements and the U.S. Nexus Requirement.

One of NeuStar's primary responsibilities for the usTLD will be the enhancement of the locality-based space within .US.

The Department of Commerce has mandated that NeuStar complete a usTLD locality space compliance report process, which will discuss the status of the locality space and enable NeuStar to make operational recommendations. Until then, NeuStar will be unable to register any new localities in the .US zone absent approval of an interim process by the Department of Commerce. NeuStar is working with the Department of Commerce to establish an interim process and hopes to begin accepting new registrations soon.

Existing registrations (delegations) will continue to operate as normal. If you wish to register a name in an existing locality, complete the ".US Domain Template" and email your request directly to the contact for the subdomain in which you want to register. See the contact list of Delegated Subdomains and their Contacts. If your locality is not listed, we are not currently taking new registrations for that locality. We will begin taking new registrations for such localities once the interim policy discussed above is approved. Please watch this space.


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