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1. Where can I establish a member ID? http://newmember.dotEarth.com
2. What is the passcode field? It is the password related to your search criteria choice. For example, if you choose Member ID, then the passcode is the member password. If you choose ContactID, then the passcode is the ContactID password.
3. How can I add my member ID to an existing domain? http://modify.dotEarth.com and log into your domain record. In the field Comments, enter MEMBER=XXX where XXX  is your existing Member ID.  Please use all upper case.
4. How can I email or save the formatted-style member report from the browser? In your browser, select edit->select all, then edit-> copy to copy the report into the clipboard. Finally, you may paste the report from the clipboard into your email or word processor or other editor program.
5. How can I import the domain report into a spreadsheet program, such as MS Excel? In the DOMAIN REPORT FOR MEMBERS page (this page), choose Report Style as Plain Text and click Search. A download dialog box will open. Choose the desired drive/folder to save the report data.  Open Excel or other program, the choose File->Open and select the report data file.  If using Excel, the Text Import Wizard will open. Choose Delimited, Delimiter = Tab, then Finish.  This will import the domain report into a column formatted spreadsheet. Finally, you may need to format the dates into readable dates:  select the column with date data (eg, the Expiration Date column), choose Format--> Cells -->Date.  Choose your desired date style from the Excel dialog box (eg, mm/dd/yyyy and click OK. The date column will become properly formatted. See the spreadsheet program's document or help for further formatting instructions.
6. What domains are included in the domain report? Domain records that match the following criteria:
the domain is in the dotEarth.com registrar;
the domain record was registered with your Member ID in member field, -or-
the domain modification record (http://modify.dotEarth.com ) has the string MEMBER=XXX inside field 1. Comments of the domain modification form (where XXX is your member id);
There are some circumstances beyond our control that may prevent a domain record from appearing in the domain report, so we recommend to crosscheck the domain report against your other records..
7. What is the purpose of the check boxes on the left of each domain record? The checkboxes are reserved for useful features that we will be introducing in the near future.
8. How up-to-date is the domain report? The domain report database is refreshed on a periodic basis (currently twice a day).  The Refreshed Date column contains the date stamp for each domain's recent refresh.
9. Can I design a custom report? Not at this time. But you can choose Report Style: Plain Text (download text file for Excel import or viewing) and import the report into your spreadsheet program for formatting.
10. How current is the report data? The report data is updated on a daily basis. The data is updated between approximately 00:00 and 05:00 ET (05:00 - 10:00 UTC).  During that time, the report data may be unavailable or intermittant. We plan to implement a real-time system in the near future.
Where can I submit comments or suggestions? To submit problem reports or comments or additional questions to: support@dotEarth.com
Please include the subject Domain Report with your correspondence.

Contact our sales department at sales@dotEarth.com
or telephone us at 1(888)267-3130, Fax 1(215) 922-4961

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