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 Enter desired IDN domains into box (from 1 to 50 domains in list)
Domains must end in one of the following extensions:  
.COM     .NET
supported international characters permitted on this page
examples:  public1
.com точкаМир.com


$14.95 / 1-year registration

This page supports
IE 6 or higher
Netscape 6 or higher
Mozilla 1.2 or higher
Browser encoding must be set to Unicode (UTF-8). For IE, choose View-> Encoding -> Unicode (UTF-8)

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member pass(opt):

Domain Name Syntax Rules:

  • This page supports Multilingual domain name characters
  • Domain names for this page must end in ".com", ".net" (not case sensitive) The first part of the domain may be internationalized.
  • Name cannot begin or end with a dash.
  • Underline character not allowed in name.
  • Blank spaces not allowed in name.
  • Name is NOT case sensitive - you can mix upper and lower case.
  • Final encoded string representation of the Domain Name cannot have more than 67 characters counting the ".com" or ".net" suffix.
  • Direct entry of RACE or PUNICODE domain format is also supported

Data Entry Rules:

  • Use your native keyboard to enter your Internationalized Characters or you may copy-and-paste from your native text editor to the search box
  • Different character sets may be entered simultaneously
  • Separate each domain name with new line, or comma, or blank space
  • Do not enter "www." at beginning of domain name
  • Include ".com", ".net" at the end of each domain name
  • Enter separate batch for each registrant
  • Maximum list of 50 domain names processed per batch
  • Example of correct entries:   MyDomain.NET

Extra Feature - ASCII Domains:

  • This page may also be used to search and register regular ASCII .com / .net domains (ie, domains using A-Z, 0-9,-)
  • One-year registration for ASCII domains though this page
  • Same 1-year pricing and discount schedules as published herein.
  • ASCII domains registered here are entered into the normal live global DNS system (ie, not testbed)
  • Domains includes our standard bundle of free dotEarth services (


Now included: free web forwarding (url redirection) and
DNS service with all domains


Reserve your domain name now for current or future use. We will park your domain name for free on our DNS servers


  We can connect your new domains to your existing web page at no additional cost using our free web forwarding


No separate application or handling fee. You will be charged the registration fee only for successfully registered domains


Included with your dotEarth
domain registration or domain/IDN renewal-

Welcome Page if you register now.

If your home page is not yet ready, use our Free Welcome Page. When someone visits your new domain address, they are greeted with a professionally prepared screen displaying your new domain name. Optionally earn money with clicks to your parking page.

Included with new or renewed domains.

Connect an unlimited number of new domains to an existing web site with no additional monthly fees. Unlike other URL forwarding services, our advanced web forwarding system supports masked and visible URL forwarding, allows users to directly access and bookmark individual pages and subdirectories using your domain, and enhances search engine results by providing keyword and description meta tags with your masked web fowarding. Administer forwarding or meta tag settings using our web-based administration screens. Additional features include: support for URL subdirectory forwarding (for example, if the user type into their browser "", it  can connect to the remote URL "http://targetURL/something/mypage.html" ) and real-time update to target URL changes in our easy-to-use online web forwarding administration screen.
Possible uses/benefits:  host several independent domains using a single hosting site or IP address; connect a different descriptive domain name to different sections of your web site for increased advertising or enhancing search engine opportunities; connect domain to dynamic IP address.

Included with new or renewed domains.

Or use our DNS servers to connect your new domain to your own web or email server at no additional cost. Directly manage your domain's DNS record online using our web-based screens (A- record and MX-record).

one-year or more renewal term when your domain is
renewed or transferred with us. Enjoy the same great services with your renewed domain.

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