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* special price available for transfer-in domains only (ie, domain is currently sponsored through a different registrar. Domain transfer / renewal application must be submitted before deadline to qualify for special pricing. Special pricing not available for domains with "Domain Registration Services" registrar. Other discounts and specials cannot be combined with this limited time price.  Price includes free services: welcome page, web forwarding, email forwarding, dns service. Successful transfers-in receive selected number of years added to the current expiration date -- no time is lost.

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Note for com/net IDN domains: we are accepting renewals/transfers of com/net IDN domains. They must be entered into the box above using their PUNYCODE representation (ie, "xn--???.com"). Go to the Verisign conversion tool to get the PUNYCODE string for your domain. We are *NOT* yet accepting renewals/transfers for .ORG IDN domains until further details are provided by the new .ORG registry.

Renew your domain name today.  Take advantage of our special renewal prices. Renewal time will be added to your current remaining registration time -- no time is lost. Don't let your domain expire because it can be registered by someone else. It does not matter where you originally registered your domain. If it is time to renew your domain, you can renew it with us by searching your domain above.

Latest News
Domain names may now be renewed for a maximum of 10 YEARS. We offer discounts for multi-year domain renewals.

Our renewal price include the following features, at no additional cost:

  • Free Advanced dotEarth web forwarding (url redirection)
  • Free Email forwarding (unlimited catch-all email)
  • Free Welcome Page
  • Free DNS service with online control panel
  • Free Secure online domain maintenance and contact administration

Finally, check out our low renewal prices (current prices are posted on the renewal form)  There is no commitment to search your domain using the box above.


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